Laurier University Launches Peters Archives

Arno Peters is gone, but his work lives on. His world map has changed the way we view the world, and is one of the outstanding cartographic stories of all time. His pioneering work in history – pushing it beyond its parochial boundaries, moving it toward universalism and fairness – has become a landmark. Dr. Peters’ interests also ranged from film production to musical notationPeters  systems and economics.

Today we announce that Wilfrid Laurier University, in Waterloo, Ontario, is the official site of the Peters archives. Scholars and other interested persons will have ready access to publications, documents, correspondence, photos, video interviews and other useful material.

Ward Kaiser, a friend of Dr. Peters and his personal representative for North America, was impressed with the professionalism of the archives staff as well as the reputation of the University’s faculty and staff.  “There was international competition for the privilege of housing this material,” Kaiser commented. “The collection could logically have gone to the University of Berlin, where Peters did his doctoral studies, or to the University of Bremen, where he was a member of the faculty, or to other institutions of renown. Significantly, the decision was unanimous, which speaks to the important role Laurier plays in today’s world.”

Materials in the Peters archives are primarily in English and German, with French, Spanish and Danish also represented. Some documents and correspondence are hand-written.

 To learn more or to view the collection, contact

 1-519—884-1970 or 519-884-0710 ext. 3906 or

About the Peters Collection: an Interview with Ward Kaiser

In an interview at Wilfrid Laurier University, Ward Kaiser offers insights into Arno Peters: the man, his map and the rich trove of materials to be found in the WLU archives. (The interview, here in its entirety, runs 53")

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