Ward Kaiser, author, publisher, pastor and historian was instrumental in bringing the Peters Equal Area Map to North America. He has been leading the discussion of what maps mean and the power of maps in framing human activities.

In How Maps Change Things Kaiser takes a passionate view of how maps illustrate and influence the significant paths humans pursue. Rather than looking for definitive answers, Kaiser asks thought provoking questions.

  • What does our world, as seen through maps, really look like and what does the perspective (or frame of reference or bias) of the viewer bring to the map and its message?
  • Are maps simply propaganda for the hidden agenda of the mapmaker?
  • Why is there such a difference between the world we experience and the world we want … and who cares and why?

Kaiser stimulates an important conversation.

In the book’s dedication Kaiser extols the will and work of Mercator and Peters. Kaiser uses these pioneers to challenge our perceptions. He says these two are “…separated by
centuries but united in a common goal to map a better world.”