Among all releases in “An Uncommon Blog” today’s post is, well, even uncommoner. This post is presented in three parts, each through a brief intro and a link.  One is an announcement by amazon.com, another a historical overview of the Peters map, the third brings you a Voice of America interview.

How much is this book worth?

Here’s a current ad from amazon.com – check it out for a surprise.

A Handbook to the Peters Projection World Map

A Handbook to the Peters Projection World Map

Now for the story: the Handbook was originally priced at $6.95. Later editions went to $7.95. Publisher’s stock is now zero (though some bookstores may still have copies). It’s common for retailers to offer “closeout” discounts, but – here’s the question – do Amazon’s suppliers know something the rest of us don’t? How much is this book really worth? Current offers on Amazon for used copies range all the way from $10.01 to well over $600 – almost 100 times the original list!

Bottom line:  if any reader of this blog wants this 48-page booklet for $200 (give or take up to a few hundred), please let me know, lots of people have an impressive bridge or two to sell also!    😊 

Revealing Timeline/Story of the Peters Map

ODTmaps, the North American publisher of the Peters (and other) maps, has just developed this valuable timeline.

Historical Timeline of the Peters Projection World Map

Historical Timeline of the Peters Projection World Map

Viewing it is like walking through a doorway into the fascinating story of one of the world’s most influential maps!

Voice of America spreads the story far and wide

Voice of America is the U.S. Government’s official channel for news broadcasts to much of the world. It takes as its goal providing a “consistently reliable and authoritative source of news.” (Refreshing idea in an age of fake news, wouldn’t you say?)  In 2016, they claim to have reached over 236 million people in 42 languages.

When the Boston Public School system became the first educational system in the country – so far as is known – to declare the Peters world map their map of choice, displayed in every classroom, the news went viral. Voice of America ran the story, and now reports the segment reached “most-read” status. Click here for both the audio version and the transcript … just be aware that the audio runs at slow speed to help persons learning English follow it.

Voice of America:  The world belongs to everybody.

Voice of America: The world belongs to everybody.

So the Peters World Map continues to make world news. That has more than passing interest… it becomes a big step toward a fairer, better world!