Perspectives to Make Us All Think

An important -- though often overlooked –  function of maps is to shake us up. Grabbing our attention, showing us something about our world we never thought about, is part of their job.  They jab us into mindfulness. A prime example is the Peters World Map; people beyond counting simply give it a knee-jerk rejection.  “It is so different, it can’t be right!” is typical. Still, the map remains right, perfect in its own way; it is the world from a new – and illuminating – perspective. That’s why the ongoing fascination with the Peters has given us the longest-running, most widespread, most provocative, most heated, most enriching debate in cartographic history.

People are much like that. We all have our own perspective. Sometimes perspectives differ so sharply we respond with amazement. Or anger. We may march or lobby; we may accommodate or compromise or convert.

Sometimes we join factions. We may even call them political parties, which means they’re not fun parties. Friends become “them.” Families are split. Sometimes they leave desolation and death in their wake.

Today we bring you two views that open up a range of new perspectives. Whether you smile inwardly or laugh out loud, whether you join in support or fire off a critical letter – I invite you to view these as enriching takes on how we view the world. Here, then, are advice from a lovable 5-year old, and comments on a hot issue in American foreign policy/critical humanitarian need.

First, this YouTube video:  a very cute little girl has some serious advice for Britain’s Prime Minister.

Brooke has something to say to Theresa May

Thanks to Ronnie Goodin for this. A retired NASA engineer, Ronnie is now a full-time volunteer serving charities in Florida. 

After you check the video we suggest:

  • Got a Bible handy? Check out Isaiah 11:6 and ask yourself if Britney’s appeal to people with power “fits.”
  • Given all that Teresa May must deal with (Brexit, resetting relations with the USA, dissent and unemployment for starters), does she really have time for homeless people? Do we? What do you see as the answer?

Next let’s turn to the current newsletter issued by ODT, a leading maps company, followed by a response they received:

Data Shows Logic Gap
in Trump's So-Called Muslim Ban

Guest Newsletter by Frank Jacobs 

The so-called Muslim Travel Ban is President Trump's most controversial measure yet.
The suspension of entry into the U.S. covers citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries, mainly in the Middle East. Comments by Trump indicating that he would exempt members of Christian minorities in those countries have fueled accusations that the measure specifically targets Muslims.

However, the travel ban does not include a few other important Middle-Eastern countries (see bottom figure below), also with a Muslim majority. Some have assumed that the latter countries were exempted because the Trump Organization has vested business interests there.

The ostensible motive of Trump's executive order is "Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry". Fareed Zakaria on his CNN show GPS displays the truth...the total tally of Americans killed on U.S. soil by nationals of any of the seven countries banned (see image above) is ... zero.

Data above produced by the Cato Institute, a conservative think tank.
Some countries left off the banned list and associated terrorist deaths:
     Saudi Arabia  2,369; UAE is 314; & Egypt is 162

Did you know that the majority of Muslims do not live in the Middle East?
Take a look at ODT's World Population Map (image and special offer on website). 


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Response from a reader:  

This is not a Muslim ban. The selected countries have no controls over airline passenger documents. Any person from around the world can depart from an airport in the selected countries. Our President is attempting to verify the airline passengers are innocent travelers or valued immigrants who we welcome. Our gov't is attempting to weed out the possible terrorists. 

Our country is very politically divided. I hoped that when Obama came into office we would come together despite any & all differences. You can see that Obama's legacy is a country more divided than ever. 

I invite you to look at Trumps' actions as not against a group but for the protection of our country. None of us would accept a gov't that disallowed innocent immigrants. The only step our gov't has taken is to investigate those who enter our country.

Don't you lock the door to your house? Don't you verify who is standing at your door before you invite that person to enter? That is all our gov't wants to do. verify for admission.

I deeply pray that our citizens will join together for the benefit of our country. I pray for our gov't leaders every day. 

I will study your map and review your comments. You do provide information. I hope that my thoughts have given you insight as to "another way of viewing the map". 

Could more be said? Of course! One response to the letter might run like this:

  • The comment does not deal with the discrepancy between banning people from countries that, on the record, appear to be lo be low-risk for attacks against the USA while ignoring countries whose people have definitely mounted successful attacks. Why?
  • Many a would-be terrorist holds European citizenship. If we are to give extreme vetting to everyone who comes to the door, should that not include Europeans as well as persons from Muslim-majority nations?
  • Some of those affected by the ban had been in the vetting process as long as two years. Authorities knew more about their DNA, political leanings, daily work, extended families and income sources – and other details – than Americans know about Donald Trump’s tax returns. Does it make sense that in one case we close the door to those who pass all the tests but in the other open the door to a person who has promised, yet refused, to divulge information asked for?

The conversation can – should – go on. This is your turn. To voice your views, your perspectives you may go to the Facebook version of this blog or send an e-mail. We welcome your comments.

As we said, both people and maps are selective; they have to be. As a result, we need many maps to portray the richness of the world, and we welcome diversity in human relationships and the public arena. The era of getting along with just one world map is over; the era of everybody conforming to one lifestyle seems medieval and, what is worse, totally boring. Express your stance on life, on politics today, on this blog – or any related subject. We welcome your input!