This is a pivotal moment in Canada’s history. The country has just celebrated 150 years as a nation; new challenges will be met with apathy or engagement, with defending the status quo or exploring how to turn this vast expanse of geography into a better country.

With that as framework, I had the opportunity to address an alert and committed group earlier this month. This blog does not give you the speech or the ensuing discussion; rather, the PowerPoint slides. Seen in sequence, they will open up for you the flow of ideas, from Celebration to Sober Second Thoughts, from Challenges to Creative Response.

FYI, the wildflower pictures were taken just weeks ago by my grandson Kevin Kaiser, while working in the Alaska-Yukon area. The Wildflowers map is courtesy of Sarah Duggan Creative Works, which is offering a special discount to readers of this blog: see the last slide.

Brian Arthur Brown’s book True North (see slide 1) is central to grasping Canada’s history, present status and open future. This presentation is not a recap of the book; rather, a means of developing a dialogue with its ideas. Such an exchange of views will be enhanced as you bring your own perspective to bear, whether as a Canadian, an American or your experience in another part of the world.

If you enjoy this visual part of the presentation, credit goes to Gary Kaiser, my son, whose valued advice goes beyond the technical into the art of skilled communication, and to the Retirees’ Association of the United Church of Canada/Hamilton Conference, for their very positive response in word and action.

Given that you can run through these visuals in mere minutes whereas a full hour was allotted to the presentation, not having the audio means something is "lost in translation." Therefore I make this offer: add your comments or questions below (why did you include that slide? How do you explain the statement on slide x? Can I get permission to reproduce part of it?) Or email me directly if you prefer. That way, even if you don't hear the jokes, you'll get the fuller story. And an interesting and surprising story it is! 

So, open up the slide show, open your mind as well, learn and enjoy!  

Click on the image below to open the presentation.